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Why It’s Important to Maintain Your Circuit Breaker?

A circuit breaker is the weakest link in an electric unit and provides arcing solutions to prevent faults and trips damaging electrical equipment. The unit requires continuous maintenance from a licensed commercial electrician to increase longevity and improve performance.

4 Reasons a Commercial Electrician Should Maintain Your Circuit Breaker

Short circuits can occur any time there’s a power surge exceeding the voltage rating of an electrical device, resulting in arcing. Arcs build up heat in the unit and can cause fire or other damage, so electricians install circuit breakers to prevent this from happening.

Circuit breakers also require maintenance to keep working in optimal conditions. Low and high-voltage circuit breakers need servicing, including cleaning and insulating parts, fault operation reviews, trip testing, alignment inspection, and damaged parts removal.

Here are three reasons why circuit breaker maintenance is key.

1.    Reducing Repair Costs

Electrical repairs can be required, but some can be prevented by maintaining a well-functioning circuit breaker. Maintenance will ensure all electrical connections and appliances are working as expected, preventing unnecessary breakdowns and repairs.

A faulty circuit breaker will let in excess power into electrical appliances and units, causing damage. Maintenance services will protect the circuit breaker and all devices connected to the systems, saving thousands of dollars in costly repairs.

2.    Preventing Plant Shutdowns

SF6 failures and oil breaker issues can result in plant shutdown and downtimes, translating to massive losses. An industrial electrician will service the circuit breaker to keep all attached appliances and equipment safe from surges, preventing shutdowns.

Maintenance involves evaluating the indoor, and outdoor circuit breakers and other electrical equipment to ensure all parts in the circuit are safe. Electricians can perform routine inspections and servicing to eliminate unplanned plant shutdowns and equipment failure.

3.    Extending Equipment Life

Strict circuit breaker maintenance guidelines are essential for equipment longevity. Gas, heat, and other build-ups can damage electrical equipment, so a commercial electrician will install a circuit breaker to take the blow. 

A faulty circuit breaker leaves electrical units vulnerable to power surges and compromises the normal functioning of the electrical system. Maintenance is needed to ensure the breaker works as intended to protect the delicate parts.

4.    Preventing Surge Accidents

A properly working circuit breaker is essential for employee safety. Circuit breakers prevent arcing that can cause fire during a power surge. The units can achieve this goal through routine inspection and maintenance.  

A standard service involves removing damaged parts, primary and secondary testing, on-site evaluations, and resetting circuit breaker operation to ensure optimal conditions. 

Reputable Electrical Contractor in California

Circuit breaker maintenance and repairs require an experienced electrician. Work with a reputable contractor who understands local codes, installations, and demands. Attempting to service your Circuit breaker without a licensed electrical technician can put equipment and lives at risk.

Vine Electric provides professional electrical services in the Vacaville area since 2009 and specializes in residential and commercial projects. The contractor has more than ten years in the industry and provides high-quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.

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