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Why Are Ants So Difficult to Eliminate?

Many homeowners can attest to how much of a challenge it is to eliminate ants once they invade your home. They always seem to find their way back even after attempted eradication and disturb our comfort by climbing furniture and getting into clothes. Why is ant control such a difficult task? Here are a few reasons.

They Live in Huge Colonies

Ants are known to live in large colonies, making it hard to eliminate them. Some ants will survive during the extermination process by hiding in holes where you can’t reach them. Ants tend to gravitate to areas of the home where there is food, such as the kitchen, living room, or sometimes in the bedroom. These surviving ants are the ones that later give rise to new colonies and keep bothering your home and family. 

Ants Relocate When Disturbed 

Ants are surprisingly clever and good at avoiding detection. When it comes to survival tactics, for example, when you spray some pesticides around their play area, they can smell it and escape that area. They’ll immediately know that you’re trying to get rid of them and will move to another location.

When ants migrate to a new area, they build their homes quickly. If even a few ants can get into your home, you may soon be sharing your house with an entire colony. This ease of relocation is why ant control should be handled by a professional who can provide a more successful extermination.

Hard-to-Access Homes 

Ants build their homes in hard-to-access places like under pavement, inside wall cracks, and under floorboards. You usually won’t spot the ant homes in your house. You’ll find this becomes a massive challenge if you have the help of a professional exterminator. You’ll only be able to kill the ants you see strolling around.

Ants Can Develop Immunity

Just as humans can adapt to certain conditions and products, so can ants. After years on the market, the pesticides that homeowners use on ants have become less and less efficient. If you repeatedly spray the ants with pesticides, the ants can develop immunity. 

Ants Are Attracted to Food

Ants invade homes to get food and a comfortable nesting place. Even the smallest food particles will lead to ants crowding in your home. Once ants discover a constant and good food source in a home, they will invade and build their homes within, enlarging their colonies.

Always keep your house clean and avoid dropping food, spilling oil, and pouring water on the floor. When accidents happen, clean up quickly and thoroughly. Aside from attracting ants, food droppings will also attract cockroaches and rats into your home.

Request Ant Control Services

While getting rid of ants can be a daunting task, it’s not entirely impossible. You can get rid of them by using available home products such as straight vinegar, tea tree oil, cornstarch, and chili powder. Other options would be to use pesticides to eradicate the ants.

However, these techniques have been shown to be a temporary solution, and the ants often return. It is best to go for the best option for lasting results, which is to hire a professional to help eradicate them.

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