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What Actually Happens When You Consume Marijuana?

Now with home cannabis delivery, it has become relatively easy to consume marijuana. If you are a beginner, you may want to learn about the effects before making a purchase. A few factors play a role, such as the type of marijuana you pick and how you consume it.

Ways to Consume Marijuana

The first aspect that will change the effects of marijuana is the way you consume it. This includes smoking or eating it. Smoking cannabis is feasable by grinding it into smaller pieces. Ingesting cannabis is possible by putting it in candies, gummies, baked goods, or beverages. These methods have the same effect but differ in potency and how long it takes to see results.


You will almost instantly feel the effects of consuming cannabis by smoking it. Shortly after inhaling marijuana, you will quickly feel the full impact it’ll have on you. From there, you can determine if you would like to smoke more or not. Smoking cannabis is one of the faster methods, but some people don’t prefer it due to possible side effects. Some of which include dry mouth and coughing. You are more likely to experience these effects if you are a beginner.


Consuming edibles has quickly become a popular method of cannabis consumption. When you consume an edible, it can take upwards of two hours to feel the full effects. The high from an edible can last around 12 hours. Many people prefer this method if they do not enjoy the feeling of smoking.

Both methods of marijuana consumption will affect your THC tolerance. The more you consume cannabis, the higher your tolerance will be.

Types of Marijuana

The next factor that plays a role in the effects of cannabis is the type you consume. Options include Indica and Sativa. Each one provides the consumer with a different kind of high.


The first type of marijuana is Indica. Indica provides the most benefits in the nighttime. Some benefits users may feel include relaxation, pain relief, and stimulates an appetite. Many people describe an Indica high as a body high.


The next type of marijuana is Sativa. Sativa is often used in the daytime. It makes the consumer feel alert, energetic, and creative. People describe a Sativa high as a head high.

How Can I Find Home Cannabis Delivery?

Now that you know the effects of cannabis, you can choose what is suitable for your needs. No matter what you want, you are likely to benefit from cannabis home delivery.

Cannabis delivery companies generally only deliver to homes in the same city or close by. When you search for one, be sure to determine if they are available in your city so they can deliver your chosen product to your house. 

If you are located in Toronto or Brant County in Ontario, Canada, you are in luck. Mamba Budds is a cannabis delivery service for Toronto and Brant County. They will drop off your cannabis at your door. They provide quick deliveries and high-quality cannabis products for a great price.

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