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Top Wedding Videography Trends in 2021

Wedding videography trends are constantly evolving. Videos are an excellent way to treasure one of the happiest days of your life. Before you search the web for “wedding videographers near me,” you need to know what services you want. These are some of the top wedding videography trends of 2021.

Wedding Videography Trends

Short Wedding Film

When you think of a wedding video, you likely think of an old, low-quality VHS tape. These were usually several hours long. You will not want to watch extremely long video footage as you look back at your wedding memories. That is time-consuming, and it can get boring pretty fast. This is why many couples opt to get videos that only feature highlights of the wedding.

 A short wedding film will piece together the most exciting moments. The fun part about wedding videography is that you get to decide what the videos include. You may choose to put the first dance on the short film or the cake cutting. It is all up to you.

Drone Recording

Drones are flying electronic devices with cameras attached to them. A drone recording is a good option if you want something unique. Drones allow you to see the wedding from a view other than your typical video cameras.

It would be best to find someone who has experience operating a drone to achieve the best quality possible. Since drones can move around at a decent speed, they will capture every guest in minutes.

Wedding Day Stories

Wedding day stories are a chance for your guests to get involved. Each guest will get a chance to make a recording telling their favorite story about the bride or groom. Wedding stories are a creative alternative to a guestbook. Once the wedding is over, you will have plenty of laughs as you get to hear the stories your guests told.  

Live Stream

Lives streams are an excellent option for those who are not able to attend your ceremony. Perhaps some guests could not travel to the wedding due to certain limitations. When you stream your ceremony, they can still share your special day with you no matter where they are. 

Thanks to our technology, you no longer have to leave people out of your wedding day. Be sure to ask your videographer if they can perform this service for you.

How to Decide on Wedding Videographers Near Me

Decide What Kind of Videos You Want

Deciding on certain video styles will help you to narrow down your choices. You can choose from our list of trends or any of your ideas. If a business does not offer what you want, move on to the next option.

Ask About Their Prices 

A good videographer should be transparent with their prices. Be sure to mention your budget as you speak with different videographers. Telling them your budget will help them get a better understanding of if they can serve you.

Look at the Reviews

The best way to see how well someone does their job is to look at the reviews. Reviews are great to see if anyone has had trouble with the company in the past. They are also suitable for seeing what people liked about their service.

It is best to remember that someone else’s experience will never be the same as yours. Additionally, there is not a way to tell for sure if a review is entirely accurate. In other words, don’t take every review seriously.

Taking some time to find the best videographers will help ensure you can relive your special day again and again for years to come.

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