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Top 3 Pages You Should Review on Google Analytics

In today’s world of online commerce, effective website design is vital to success. A website that doesn’t function properly or content that isn’t relevant to a user’s intent can lower traffic and hurt a company’s bottom line. If you run a business, it is important to evaluate your online presence. Luckily, Google Analytics can help you do that. 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool. As a site owner, it can give you detailed insight into how users interact with your site and how well your website is working. Here are three pages on Google Analytics that you should use to gauge the performance of your site.


Real-time is a Google Analytics report that shows you what’s happening on your website at any given time. You can see things like where your users are located, how they reach your site, and where they land (1). This is a great way to learn what brings visitors to the website so you can take actions to attract more users. 

Real-time reports also show you how users are interacting with ads or videos on your website, as well as how many visitors are completing certain conversion goals (1). Real-time is a valuable tool because you can assess immediate reactions to website changes or new content. 


The behavior report on Google Analytics shows you exactly what visitors are doing on your website. You can see what users search for, where they spend time on your site, and how quickly your pages load. (1). When you see how users move through your website, you can identify needs that aren’t being met and make improvements. 


Conversions shows you what concrete actions users are completing on your website. The conversions tool can generate several different reports. One example is the Goals report.

To generate a Goals report, you set specific goals for Google Analytics to track (1). For example, you may set a goal for users to subscribe to your monthly newsletter. Google Analytics will track how many of your users complete this goal, and that number will be included on the conversions report. 

Conversions is a great tool for you to find out how well your marketing strategies are working. You can track where your users are coming from to determine what platforms and content are generating the best results (1). 

Boost Your Website Design

According SearchEngineLand, 90% of people never click through to the second page on a Google search. As a website owner, it is important to do everything you can to make sure your site shows up on that first page of results. 

Google Analytics is an amazing asset because you can use it to see how your site performs by search engine standards. You can pinpoint problems and use report data to better understand your customers. What’s more, Real-time, Conversions, and Behavior are only a few of the reports you can generate. There is a wealth of information waiting for you. Get on page one and make sure you stay there! 


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