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Top 3 Manufacturers of IP Phone Systems

In today’s digital age, IP phone systems make receiving calls easier than ever. It is a game-changer for every industry, from customer service providers to those in the hospitality sector from a business perspective. By simply connecting to the internet, an IP phone system gives you access to features that help smooth out call management.

Now that IP phone systems are catching on, many manufacturers add them to their list of products. This can make choosing a phone system difficult because you want to make sure it is the right one and prove efficient for the number and type of calls you want to receive and make.

What to Look for in IP Phone Systems

Ensure that the IP system you select will handle the amount of outgoing and incoming calls. Additionally, it is beneficial to have a system with features that are easy to use and quick to set up. Having access to a 24/7 technical assistance hotline is another benefit you’ll want to explore. 

Top 3 IP Phone System Manufacturers

#1: Grandstream

Grandstream is a headlining name in IP phone manufacturers. In fact, they have many IP phones that are award-winning! Since 2002, Grandstream has been designing and manufacturing quality communication products for the workplace.

These innovative phones and devices use the best in internet and data technology to help give you a smooth experience with your large volume phone calls and video conferencing. These products also incorporate security features that help your company stay protected while connected.

Additionally, other features on these phones, like larger call volume and easy redirecting of calls. Moreover, every Grandstream product comes with access to a tech helpline. Their tech assistance team is just a phone call away! You can also access tutorials and webinars from the Grandstream website.

#2: Fanvil

Fanvil is an up-and-coming manufacturer of IP phones. They have thus far established themselves as a leader in providing quality, easy-to-use products that make doing business smoother than ever.

For nearly two decades, Fanvil has been primarily serving the small and medium business community. However, a select collection of their phones are designed to handle a high volume of calls that are made by service-based businesses.

If this sounds like your business, consider choosing a Fanvil IP phone system! No matter what manufacturer you choose, consider purchasing your IP phone system from a certified dealer, like NTS Direct. With over twenty years of experience providing communications technology to businesses, you can count on our team to give you the quality equipment you need.

#3: RingCentral

RingCentral is yet another top-rated manufacturer of IP phones. They have several different plan options ranging in price. With features like team messaging, document sharing, video meetings, and hot-desking, you have a versatile phone that is perfect for any size business. 

The features you receive depend on the plan you choose. For instance, with their premium package, you can have up to two hundred participants in a single video meeting. Or, if your business is a small one, the essentials plan includes up to twenty users. Consider giving RingCentral a call!

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