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The Growing Market For Remote Work Technology

We’ve seen big workforce shifts this past year that favor remote work. It can be a challenge for newer eCommerce companies like yours to implement and support a work-from-home program. That’s why it’s become important to seek VoIP phones distributors that help improve your work processes.

As they say at NTS Direct, “Providing your remote workforce with the right technology ensures that they have all the tools needed to be successful.” Remote desktops and regular zoom calls are a great start. The big question remains, “How do you tie your remote team into your eCommerce system?”

VoIP phones are a great way to do exactly that. Today, we’ll discuss how a VoIP phone system can help empower your remote team.

Lower Costs And Better Phone Service

When you go with a business VoIP phone service, you won’t need to buy costly hardware. A hosted PBX in the cloud will eliminate the need to buy and set up a more expensive physical PBX.

Your remote workers also stand to benefit from VoIP. This type of phone system will reduce the need to tap into their cell phone minutes. VoIP also prevents any tie-ups with their landlines when they’re working from home or on the road.

More Efficient Communication

VoIP allows you and your remote employees to improve collaboration and teamwork. Your workers can hold meetings, share files, and keep track of important information.

This is possible thanks to the various features VoIP offers.

  • Call recording
  • Integration with many business apps and software (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Genesis, etc.)
  • Instant messaging
  • Video calls

Not only that, but these tools are accessible from a single platform. This will allow your remote employees to get real-time feedback and work together as if they’re in the office. 

Better Flexibility

With regular business phone services, each line has its own phone number wired into a physical phone. This can be a challenge to move from one place to the next. In some cases, you’ll need to contact your phone provider to make the switch.

VoIP phone service allows you to make the switch without any problems. It also can route calls to remote locations within the software. This also benefits your customers as they won’t need to remember multiple phone numbers.

As for your employees, they’ll be assigned a single phone number even when they work from a remote site. VoIP can also integrate with employee smartphones. When you add apps to their phones, they’ll be able to connect with your company’s hosted PBX. This provides you and your employees with the best flexibility to fulfill daily business functions.

Increased Security

As you choose VoIP phones distributors, you always want to make your company’s security a top priority. When employees work remotely, they may have security concerns as they dial into the company network.

With VoIP, you’ll be able to encrypt your communications. This provides you and your employees with a secure way to communicate and share data. You’ll also be able to prevent outsiders from breaching your systems. This will give you and your employees peace of mind as you go by your business.

Fewer Distractions

There’s a big reason why employees prefer to work remotely. Many of them find office work brings them distractions, such as office chat or loud ringing of phones. This can wind up hurting their productivity. You can help your employees avoid these distractions by going with a VoIP phone system.

With VoIP, your remote employees can take advantage of many features that can help them get by these distractions. Here are some examples of features that can help your employees focus on the task at hand.

  • Do Not Disturb (Sends all incoming messages to voicemail)
  • Presence (Indicates your status to other users)

For employees using a web phone app or softphone, they can set their device to Vibrate mode. This will notify them of incoming calls instead of having to deal with loud ringing sounds.

Choose VoIP Phones Distributors Who Will Help Transform Your Remote Work Space

Many businesses like yours are providing remote work opportunities to their workers and are coming out with positive results. To make the most out of those gains, it’s critical to put together a strong VoIP solution. This will help go a long way in empowering your employees in today’s remote work world.

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