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The 3 Keys On How You Can Overcome Alcoholism

Have you been going through some tough times as of late? Perhaps you’ve been dealing with situations that have led you towards alcohol addiction. When seeking Christian addiction recovery options, look to those that help address the root cause of the problem.

As they say at Fresh Wind Recovery, “Focus your healing efforts by addressing the spirit hurts at the core of your addiction. Methods like these are key to helping renew your mind and living your best life.” 

Today, we’ll talk about three keys to how you can overcome the effects of alcoholism.

Look To Stay Positive

When viewing the negative side of life, you’ll see dark clouds at each corner with no way out. A great way to overcome this is by believing in a savior who wants to guide you towards prosperity.

For example, you can view Jesus as your life coach who cheers you on when facing daily challenges. There will be times when you feel down and want to consume a drink to relax.

The key to combating these thoughts is to know that Jesus is light and that there’s no darkness in him.  If you feel gloomy, always know that he’s there for you to help you overcome these feelings. By being grateful and accepting of his goodness, you’re more likely to stay sober and live a better life.

Find A New Hobby And Stay Healthy

As many Christian addiction recovery specialists recommend, look to find healthy and positive activities to help curb your alcoholism. Running, biking, reading, or growing fruits are great examples of hobbies that help you curb any tempting thoughts about drinking.

Replacing alcohol with these activities helps you achieve these outcomes that lead you on the best path forward.

  • Better health
  • Good nutrition
  • More happy feelings
  • Personal growth

When you choose to combat your addiction, you’ll start to feel more alert and productive. Not only that, but your outlook on life will be a bright one in the long run.

Seek A Sponsor Who Best Relates To Your Struggles

It’s crucial to surround yourself with people who have dealt with the problems you’re struggling with right now. They’re more likely to understand your struggles and can provide you with the best source of motivation.

Here are some factors to think about as you look for a sponsor who best relates to you.

  • Has been sober for at least a year
  • Be of the same gender
  • Has time to spare
  • Is honest
  • Has their sponsor
  • Can remain positive

When sharing your most critical moments, you want someone who possesses these qualities. You also want to choose a person who you can trust in moments that matter most. If you need help finding a sponsor, contact your local AA group to assist you with your search.

By taking this step, you’ll feel more comfortable and be on track on your path towards recovery.

Choose Christian Addiction Recovery Methods That Help Revitalize Your Life

Overcoming addiction to alcohol is never easy, but you don’t have to go through it alone. When facing problems like these, always remember to stay positive and never be willing to try out new activities. If you’re ever in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask for help from others.

As Fresh Wind Recovery recommends, “Seek help from people you can trust as well as the guidance of Jesus Christ.” When going this route, you’ll be able to find the strength and courage to defeat your alcoholism. You’ll also help transform your life and achieve happiness for the better.

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