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Recommended Best Practices to Protect Yourself from Biggest Threats

With technology evolving so fast, there are now threats everywhere online. Some threats are more obvious than others, but regardless you need to protect yourself. Knowing how to prevent these threats will make your time spent on your device go smoothly and keep your information secure. With the help of these tips and outsourced IT support, you will be browsing the internet safely in no time. 

Ways to Protect Yourself

Keep software up to date

Applications on devices such as computers and tablets are constantly updating their security. You must keep up with these updates to ensure you are getting the most current level of protection. A quick way to be sure you remember to get the most recent updates is to turn on automatic updates. 

Strong Passwords

When we are creating accounts, we tend to use the same password repeatedly. We do this because it is quick and easy to remember. This is not a good habit to have. If you always use the same password and someone learns your password, they now have access to everything.  It is best to have a password manager to ensure strong and different passwords across all accounts. You can also write down all of your passwords. It is crucial to stay on top of it because it can get disorganized quickly.

Avoid Common Scams Such as Phishing

A phishing scam is when someone will email you pretending to be someone else to get your information. Common phishing scams may include your bank name, social media account, or anything using your credit card. The purpose of a phishing scam is to pretend to be someone else to get your money and personal information. They may also try to get your social security number and address.For example, a phishing email may pretend to be your bank saying you are locked out of your account. They will take you to a page asking for your information, including your login and social security number. If you enter this information, they can now commit identity theft and steal money from you.

How to Spot Phishing scams:

Check who the email is really from. A genuine email address will likely be formatted [email protected] If it is random numbers and letters, this is NOT from the company they say.Look for misspelled words. Phishing emails will often try to trick you by using a capital “I” instead of a lowercase “L.”They are asking for your social security number. Not many people should need your social security number, and your streaming service is not one of them.

How Does Outsourced IT Support Benefit a Business?

More often than not, business owners like to use their time on their business. Nobody wants to learn internet security when they don’t have to. With outsourced IT support, you can have protection from security threats without taking away time from your business. If you are not an expert in IT security, the odds are you will not have much protection doing it yourself. In addition, if you become a victim of one of these threats, it will cost you more money to fix the problem. 

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