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Paper Tube Company for Your Needs

Since the invention of the first retail cardboard box by Sir Malcolm Thornhill in 1817, cardboard boxes and tubes have become the top choice for packaging worldwide. There are a number of reasons to consider using paper tubes for your business packaging. Industrial paper tubes are durable and lightweight, along with offering tons of flexibility in usage. Read on to learn more about the advantages of using paper tubes and who they can benefit.

Who needs paper tubes?

There are several circumstances in which you may find yourself needing paper tubes. Whether you’re looking to give your retail product a cutting-edge design or need to distribute diplomas to the graduating class, paper tubes are an essential purchase. They’re safe for storage and mailing, so you can ensure your important documents are kept in original condition. Additionally, paper tubes are useful purchases for industrial suppliers, such as machine shops and manufacturers of Goods.

Advantages of Industrial Paper Tubes

With all the benefits of paper tubes, it’s a wonder anyone uses alternatives like wood or metal!  Consider the advantages of paper tubes when faced with a decision:

  • Weight considerations: Paper tubes are lightweight, making them easy to transport and stackable. This allows you to utilize space as efficiently as possible, whether in storage or transport.
  • Save money: The packaging cost is extremely low for paper tubes due to the simple manufacturing process. When you manage to cut costs on the packaging, your business will begin to see returns in other areas. Also, your product will become more competitive.
  • Environmentally friendly: As packaging becomes a more sustainable industry, paper tubes are gaining notoriety for their biodegradability and recyclability. Paper tubes made partially or entirely of recycled paper are also available. 

Make It Your Own

Don’t just settle for any paper tube. Depending on your needs, you can dress up paper tubes for just about any occasion. Custom-printed designs, various paper materials, different sizes, and thicknesses – a comprehensive paper tube supply company has it all!

Additional Products

You don’t want to choose just any run-of-the-mill paper tube company. Make sure you select wisely based on your personal or business needs. For example, companies like Crescent Paper Tube offer paper straws, cores for tape and film, tubes for construction, and much more. When deciding on an industrial paper tube supplier, additional product offerings may be high on your list of considerations.

Questions For a Potential Supplier

To wrap things up, we’ll provide you with some questions you may want to pose to a potential paper tube supplier. These queries can help set your business up for success:

  • What sizes and customization options do you provide?
  • What kind of technology do you use in the manufacturing process?
  • What is your shipping policy?

Of course, you’ll always want to address more specific, individualized concerns before taking the leap. But when you ask detailed questions, you ensure your supplier can meet and understand your needs. They can then help you take your business to the next level with industrial paper tubes.

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