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How To Set Up A Twitter Account For Your Business

Being on Twitter keeps you in the loop about the latest news and industry developments. Plus, it allows you to join in the conversation, showing that your brand is aware and relevant. If you often blog about time-sensitive topics, Twitter is a must. However, it is also ideal to have a profile if you just want to share your blog posts regularly with a wider audience or you want to keep up with the current trends.

Step 1: Create an Account

There is no special type of account for businesses on Twitter. Sign up with your name, phone number or email, and a password. You have 50 characters for your name and it’s distinct from your username (or handle), which means you have space to write your full business name.

Step 2: Choose a Username

Choosing the right username is important. This is what users will search for when they want to follow or mention you and it will appear as @name with your tweets and comments. You only have 15 characters for your username and it needs to identifiably be your brand.

Step 3: Upload Images

Like Facebook, you have both a profile picture and cover photo associated with your Twitter account. Make sure that you upload the right sizes to improve appearances.

Step 4: Add a Bio

You have just 160 characters for your bio. Within this limit, you need to tell people why they should want to follow you and convey basic information about your business. Luckily, there are separate fields to add your location and a link to your website to minimize the number of characters you use. In the website field, use a unique link to track traffic coming from the platform.

Check Twitter often to find out what’s trending. Whenever there’s a topic related to your business, jump on the hashtag and tweet. This is a great way to gain visibility for your account and grow your followers.

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