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How to Pack Storage Pods

Storage pods are portable storage containers used to pack furniture, appliances, and other belongings. They are ideal when moving and for on-site/off-site storage. Pods come in different sizes with varying tiers, so it’s essential to find the best fit for existing needs. Users should also choose reputable storage pod rental companies and know how to pack a storage pod:

Fill the Storage Pod

Filling a pod is about placing items in a suitable box and packing it inside the tiers. The smallest pods have two tiers, while the largest has four. It’s advisable to work on one tier before filling the next. Here are other tips for filling a storage pod:

•    Distribute furniture and heavy appliances evenly to balance the weight on each side.

•    Disassemble furniture as much as possible and turn them to find the best space-saving position.

•    Use boxes of a similar size for easy stacking and weight distribution.

•    Place heavier boxes at the bottom of the pod and lighter ones at the top.

•    Pack items used often at the top of the pod.

•    Use a piece of cardboard between boxes and the unit’s door.

•    Store valuable items in a separate box to keep them close.

•    Pack heavier items in smaller boxes and lighter items in larger boxes.

Protect the Items 

Belongings are more vulnerable to damage when moving, so pod users should ensure everything is safe inside the container. All furniture and appliances should be inside large rolls of plastic wrapping or moving blankets to protect them from rips and scratches. Below are more tips for protecting items when packing a pod:

•    Use bubble wrap or moving blanket to protect fragile objects like art and special awards in class frames.

•    Wrap a loading strap around the hooks to secure belongings in place. Use a zigzag pattern and overhand knots.

•    Cover the pod with a blanket to protect belongings from heat and sun. Pods are weatherproof and waterproof but retain heat.

•    Consider using a moisture absorber to prevent mold/mildew if the pod will remain outside for many days.

•    Keep the storage pods locked when not using them to avoid damage caused by moisture, pest, and other elements.

Maximizing Storage Space

It’s common to end with empty spaces when packing pods, but there are ways to maximize storage. The best solution for open spaces is to use pillows and cushions. Users can also place clothes inside a garbage bag or use other malleable belongings like stuffed animals to fill the space. Here are more tips for maximizing empty spaces in a storage pod:

•    Pack pods as tightly as possible.

•    Place narrow objects and oddly shaped items near the unit’s ceiling.

•    Slide slim boxes and framed photos into narrow gaps. 

•    Use a bubble wrap or blanket layer between stacks of delicate items.

High-Quality Storage Pod Rental

Packing a storage pod should be effortless with a proper plan. It’s crucial to prepare items, label all boxes, and order the suitable pod dimensions. At Storage To You, we provide high-quality pods to make moving and storage stress-free. Users can order large (20 foot) and medium (16 foot) pods in the market and leverage features like the storage container wheels.

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