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Feel the Difference: Craftsmanship in Luxury Linens and Towels

Most people can appreciate the comfort of a luxury white cotton towel. Spas and hotels often splurge on towels and bedding because high-end linens enhance the guest experience so much. With luxury towels and blankets from Maple and Moon, you can take that experience home with you. 

History and Craftsmanship

Maple and Moon knows the value of tradition and technique. Located in the Imabari region of Japan, Maple and Moon has been making fine Japanese home goods for over 90 years. Imabari is world famous for the production of fine towels and linens.

Maple and Moon’s meticulous approach begins with the first step – sourcing the best materials. According to their website, Maple and Moon only uses cotton of the best quality, along with a couple of unique materials that make their products stand out. 


Tencel is a fibrous material that comes from eucalyptus trees. Maple and Moon uses this material because it is softer than silk and stays cooler than linen. Tencel is hypoallergenic and does not hold moisture. This means that it is very difficult for bacteria to grow on it. 

Imabari Water

Maple and Moon uses pure water from the mountains of the Imabari region to make their towels and linens. It contains low levels of heavy metals. This low metal concentration helps Maple and Moon create cotton products that are exceptionally soft. 


Maple and Moon’s product line represents the height of luxury in towels and blankets. Carefully sourced materials and time-honored craftsmanship make Maple and Moon products stand out from the crowd. Here are a few of the pieces they make.

Luxury White Cotton Towel

Listed on their website as the ‘White Blossom Stitch Towel,’ this bright white towel is better than the spa. It is crafted from only high-quality cotton, and the Imabari water used in production makes the towel ultra-soft. 

Maple and Moon does not cut corners on functionality. Even though their towels are very soft, they are still absorbent. In fact, each towel is tested to make sure it meets the standards of the Imabari tradition. The towel is placed in water, and it must sink within five seconds to be considered absorbent enough. 

Moonlight Towel

The Moonlight Towel from Maple and Moon comes in navy blue, gray, linen, and white. This towel is different from the other cotton towels because of how the cotton is spun together. The Moonlight Towel is made with loops of spun cotton, giving it a thick, fluffy feel. 

Moonlight towels are also 100 percent cotton, and they are subject to the water test as well. 

Marshmallow Blanket

In addition to towels, Maple and Moon makes blankets. The Marshmallow Blanket is made of tencel, polyester, and cotton. It comes in three colors: gray, white, and green. Perfect to sleep with or to drape over the sofa, this cool, soft blanket is sure to be your favorite in no time.

In keeping with their high standards for craftsmanship, Maple and Moon makes their blankets using a closed loop production. There is no waste or pollution, and the materials are sustainable. 

Feel the Difference

Craftsmanship is everything when it comes to luxury towels and linens. Maple and Moon is rooted in a long history of doing things the right way. They make products using the best materials and traditional Japanese methods. When you’re ready to bring the spa home, visit Maple and Moon to add luxury to your life. 

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