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Do you Need a Professional to Install a Generator?

These days, power outages have become even more inconvenient, as businesses and individuals rely on power more than ever before. It’s necessary to install a backup generator to shield you from the consequences of a power blackout. Even if you have already installed a generator, you need to ensure it’s ever-ready to kick in when required. That’s why you need a need professional Generator Maintenance Service and installation. 

4 Reasons You Need a Professional to Install a Generator

A standby generator is a worthwhile investment. So engaging a professional to install your generator is recommended. A professionally installed generator poses no risks to your home or business, and the machine will also serve you for long without hitches. Here are reasons you should hire professionals to do what they know best.

Protects the Warranty

Most generators come with a manufacturer’s warranty. If you read the contract carefully, you’ll realize the importance of professional generator installation services. Manufacturers insist that only licensed or accredited professionals should do the installation.

Any DIY installation renders the warranty void. To avoid paying top dollar for future generator maintenance services, you need to hire a professional to install the generator.

Ensures Safety and Compliance With the Law

It’s unsafe to install a generator yourself. A DIY approach can lead to significant health hazards, and in some cases, it’s even illegal. The law does not allow non-professionals to install an appliance connected to a gas main. Professionals are most likely aware of legal codes in your area, and they will save the time and hassle of fulfilling the legal installation requirements. 

An improperly fixed natural gas generator may develop leaks. Leaking gas can cause fires and explosions, damaging your home or business premises. Gas fumes may also poison the air inside buildings and cause respiratory health problems.

Professionals Have the Right Tools for the Job

A job gets smoother with the right tools. Trying to do a challenging job with the wrong tools leads to time wastage. Improper equipment also makes the job more difficult and dangerous.

When you hire a professional, you get the job done the right way. You also save a lot of time and money. Avoid unnecessary expenditure of effort. Engage the experts to safely, quickly, and efficiently carry out the generator installation for you.

The Experts will Pick the Right Generator for You

Generators are reliable sources of power. But if you install the wrong size, problems will occur. A Generator that is too powerful for your needs will damage your property. Such damage includes shorting out electrical equipment, and it can also be in the form of permanent devastation of the entire wiring system.

A less powerful generator won’t produce enough electricity to power your home or business premises. That’s why you need to involve professionals from the beginning of your journey to installing a backup generator. They will advise you on the correct size of machine to install. 

Get Professional Generator Maintenance Service and Installation

Are you planning to install a generator or have your existing one serviced? Contact Virginia Power Solutions today. The experts will give you prompt, efficient, and pocket-friendly service. Let the experts do what they know best. 

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