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Are Lawn Posting Signs Effective Advertising?

Between television, radio, and online surfing, your Lawn Care customers are already exposed to hundreds of ads every day. You may wonder what you could add to your marketing campaign to be competitive.  When used correctly, lawn posting signs are a high-impact,  cost-effective form of advertising.

Increase the Impact of Your Lawn Posting Signs

All successful marketing campaigns need to be well thought out and applied with strategy. The same is true with yard signs. When used thoughtfully as part of a strategy that includes other print materials,  lawn signs are a highly effective tool for creating brand recognition. This is especially true for startups trying to break into a competitive business. 

Two main considerations can make or break the level of engagement you get with outdoor signs: the look of the signs and their placement.

Sign Design

A lawn posting sign needs to say just enough but not too much. Signs that are crowded with words or confusing with too many different fonts and colors won’t be read. Remember, your potential customers are driving by the sign, not walking. The message should be eye-catching and to the point. Be sure to include:

  • The name of your business
  • A phone number or web address
  • A call to action
  • Contrasting colors
  • A simple but unique logo
  • Easy-to-read fonts

Drive around town and look at the lawn signs of local businesses you know to be successful. Take notes on the style, colors, and size of font they are using. While you don’t want to copy another company’s sign, you do want to take inspiration from what they are doing right.  

Sign Placement

The most important step in sign placement is to make certain you are permitted to leave a sign. Don’t assume that any public area is available space—even if other businesses have posted there. Check with your city to learn the codes and regulations regarding advertising signs. You don’t want to incur a fine or have dozens of yard signs thrown away because they were placed off-limits. Of course, you should never place signage on private property without the property owner’s permission.

Select your location with care. A business that provides Lawn Care services will get more engagement by placing its yard signs in or near a residential area and on your customer’s lawns.  Drive by your potential location and test the logistics yourself. If traffic is too fast or if there are too many distractions in a specific area, your sign will probably not get noticed.

The Many Benefits of Lawn Posting Signs

Lawn signs are effective and easy to use. When you work with an experienced sign manufacturer, they are also durable and affordable. Unlike some other forms of marketing, you can replace the same lawn signs over and over without paying for new “ads” each time. Lawn signs provide the flexibility to experiment with your marketing budget without a significant financial risk. If they aren’t driving engagement in one location, simply pick them up and plant them somewhere else. 

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