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4 Tips to Consider Before Ordering Paper Cores for Your Business

If you are a business that utilizes paper tubes or cores, chances are you have dealt with many paper core manufacturers before finding the right one. The paper core industry is a highly specialized one. It creates paper tubes that are an assortment of shapes, lengths, and thicknesses. The type of paper core you should order will depend on what you intend to store in it.

4 Tips to Consider Before Ordering Paper Cores for Your Business

#1: Type

There are two basic types of paper cores that you can order: parallel wound and spiral wound. The distinction between the two lies in how the paper of each tube is wrapped.

Spiral wound paper tubes are wrapped around the tube at an angle, whereas the parallel tubes are wrapped at a 90-degree angle. Although, both types have pros and cons. If you are storing heavy products within your tubes, you will probably want to choose the more durable parallel wound option.

#2: Shape

Paper tubes can be manufactured in just about any shape, including hexagons, octagons, and triangles. However, the most common shapes are cylindrical. Most paper core manufacturers will have custom shape options available at your request. 

#3: Wall Thickness

The paper core’s thickness depends on how many layers of paper and adhesive are used to manufacture it. The thicker the tube, the more resistant it is to being crushed.

You should consider using a thicker paper core for heavy items, like fabric or film, that can withstand a significant amount of stress. On the other hand, suppose you are ordering small paper tubes for use in winding tape. If so, then a thinner core is appropriate.

#4: Length and Inner Diameter

The length and inner diameter are important elements of your paper tube order. Are you ordering tubes in which you intend to store products? If so, then you will need to discuss the desired size with your paper core manufacturers. The length of your paper tube will depend on the length of your product. Some manufacturers can create telescopic paper tubes. These are designed to fit products of various lengths. 

The inner diameter of your paper cores needs to allow the product to fit snuggly while also allowing a small amount of wiggle room. The inner diameter must allow for an easy slide in and out of the product. These paper cores also have resistance to being crushed. 

Talk with a Your Paper Core Manufacturers about the Specifics

The best step you can take to ensure your paper core order is exactly what you need is to speak directly with one of your manufacturer’s engineers. They will be able to recommend specific dimensions for your paper core order. Furthermore, an engineer can advise whether the inner portion of your paper tube should be coated with. Whether that is an oil-resistant substance or other treatment.

One of the best characteristics of a paper core is that they are almost always made out of recycled materials. They are recyclable over and over again. When you speak with your manufacturer, ask them about environmentally-friendly options or other steps you can take to prevent these materials from ending up in a landfill.

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