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4 Things Every Web Designer Needs To Know

Website Design takes a lot of effort, time, investment, sacrifice, and everything else necessary to stand out on the market.

It is as much a science as it is a form of art. While half of the WebsiteDesign job is based on basic design know-how and sound coding, the other,  is an intuitive sense of what simply looks good and what does not.

Every web designer should develop strong fundamental cores that will make them stand out from the rest of the market competitors. Therefore we have pulled together the 4 Things Every Web Designer Needs To Know:

1. Understand the complete Website Design process

Translating what the client’s requirements and wants into a beautiful functional website is the Goal.  Getting there requires a knowledge of expectations and undertstanding of what is feasable through the whole process.

You may not be writing the copy or coding some backend functionality, but you should understand the whole process.  That will make your job easier and create happy customers.

2. Using HTML and CSS Together

HTML combined with CSS is the cornerstone of WebSite Design.  Together you can create information-rich designs.  The site can be designed with beauty and detail.  

Key advantages is this approach saves time, allows for easy changes and Improves page load speed. CSS also helps create refined and accurate web pages and web systems that operate across devices, operating systems and web browsers

3. Create Site Structure

As a web designer,  you will be asked to design the site structure.  Understand the flow of information and the customer journey.   The Site Structure is how your website pages are connected. How your main pages lead to deeper pages on your website.

A effective site structure wil improve your user experience, your SEO, your internal linking and the simplicity of usage.

4. SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

There are technical and user experience ways to make sure your site is SEO friendly.  We talked about site structure above, it is important that Google can find every page on the website in a structure that makes sense.  

For example let’s take an Insurance company.  You might have a general Insurance page, that links to several other pages like auto insurance and life insurance.  That flow makes logical sense as google indexes those pages.

It also helps  if a visitor can find all the information easily, it will enhance the user experience.  And most importantly the visitor stays longer on your site.

This will have a direct impact on your SEO. As search engines look at the data, like bounce rate and time spent on your website, the longer the visitor is on your website the better your website will do in search engines.

The Takeaway

There is in fact much more that goes into the Website Design process.  I touched on a few key points that is cruicial to effectly develop a website.

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