Little Known Ways to Build High Quality Backlinks in 2015[Infographic]

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High Quality BacklinksAre you managing a website, trying to get rankings in search results, trying to establish your website as a brnad then proper off-page SEO is really very important to improve the authority of your website.

Content always a big part of SEO but there is one more thing which is still very important for a better optimization of a website.

As Matt cutts has already said that quality of links matters over quantity. So building quality links with keeping relevancy in mind is definately going to help any website to rank better in search results.

Here we have created an infographic to teach you the ways to build links smartly to stay on top of the search results among competitors.

Great Ways to Build High Quality Backlinks :-

  • Social Networking

Social Media is the Key for the Future. Social media is booming and we all know that, Most of the social media website links are nofollow but still they have a very important value. Sharing content among thousands of people increase its popularity and attracts hundreds of links. There are so many websites giving dofollow backlinks i.e. digg, delicious, diggo etc. Using Pinterest, Google plus, Twitter, LinkedIn etc is also a good way to promote content.

  • Video Sharing

Express your Ideas through Videos.Create compelling videos and share your ideas and techniques with your users.Put your link in embed code of your videos and allow users to embed your videos on their websites by placing code and giving you a back link.There are so many platforms like vimeo, youtube etc. present for publishing videos. Video submission strategy is used by almost all the successful & big brands these days.

Getting backlink through audio seems to be very strange but it is really a very good technique to get high quality links.Create an introduction audio for your website and submit it across high quality audio submission sites. They give quality backlinks from the profile sections.

  • Syndicating with other Sites

These days, the high authority websites are using this technique very much for content marketing.

Syndication of content is nothing but a technique of sharing the summary part of the whole content on some other high traffic websites to create more awareness about your content and for sharing knowledge among higher number of users.

There are so many websites like Tumblr,, etc. where you can share the summary of content and give a link to your original content. It is really a very good way of building links with high PR and quality.

  • Blog Aggregates

Blog aggregator websites are nothing but the rss directory kind of sites. Alltop is one of the most famous aggregator site with PR6. Others are bloghub, technorati etc. They increase the traffic and links to the homepage and the inner pages.

  • Document Sharing

Document sharing is very popular way of building links these days. It looks strange when you think what document you can share, well its not a big deal. You can share the pdf version of all your articles, presentations, word documents, ebooks you have created etc.

  • E-Book Submissions

These days selling ebooks is one of the smartest way of earning money online, But you also can earn links through ebooks.There are several high PR pdf submission directories present over internet, so you just need to create an ebook with the keyword rich name, also include the brand name at the end. Upload the pdf near the root domain on your website, and also submit it into the various directories and get backlinks.

Paid directory listing is prohibiteb by Google as mentioned in their link schemes guidelines.But there are a few high authority open directories which Google prefer to use while showing results in searhc results. Yahoo directory, DMOZ etc. are the directories which are preferred by Google. So you should submit your website into these directories to get a back link from them.

Business listing is the smartest way for getting links from high PR sites. There are thousands of business listing sites are present over internet. You just need to select the high quality listing sites with good page rank and proper business category for your website to submit.

This is one of the untapped link building techniques so far.Building links with images is really a good and simple way to build links for your website. All you need is the high quality unique images whether they are related to your website or anything else. Images should not contain copyrighted content or adult content. Sybmit those images to image direcotries and get a link back to your website.A few people know about this link building technique but truest me guys this technique always works.

In a recent patent filed by Google, they have declared that the PR promotion will pass SEO value to a website. It means if you are getting dofollow backlinks from PR websites then those links are going to help you in SEO of your website.

But the main thing is to submit your website to only high quality press release websites. It is very important because Google consider low quality PR links as spam. Start releasing informative news, events about your products & services and release it in press releases for your brand.

While doing this whole link building process, There are few tools which can make your work simple

  • Infographic Submissions

The whole world loves images and understand the language of images very well as compared to simple data presentation.The best part about infographic is that you can club a whole bunch of information in a single image.

Attractive & knowledge sharing infographics always helps in getting links to your website. Whenever you create an infographic, also create an embed code for that image so that users can use tht infographic on their websites using that code while giving a backlink to your website.

You can submit your infographics at various same niche high aurhority website to take it in front of more number of eyes of users.There are so many infographic submission websites like etc. You can submit your infographic there to get more number of users to see your infographic and also get a back link.

Search Engine & Social Media Optimization Tools:-

  • Social Media Management and Analysis

Managing social media profiles is really very important to increase social followers and engagement with users. Social traffic is continuously improving these days and if you focus on your social accounts then you can receive much more traffic then search engines.

A few tools for managing social activities are HootSuite, Buffer, Klout etc.

  • Keyword Analysis Tools

Building links with proper keywords is really very important if you want to rank for your desired terms. Choosing high search volume keywords as an anchor text for building links is really a very good way to rank higher.

Here are a few keyword research tools you can use : Google keyword planner, SEMrush etc.

  • Link Management Tools

Are you getting the desired value of links you are building? Is any competitors are building any irrelevant links for your website to take you down in search results? There are so many possibilities so you should better keep an eye on the links getting build for your website.

You can manage all link activities, can audit links for your website, disavow the irrelevant links etc.

You can use raventools, monitorbacklinks etc. for this purpose.

  • Backlink Research Tools

Building backlinks is a creative task, but how to find relevant places to build links? Link relevancy is always been a very important factor in link building but finding correct places to build links is also very important to get the desired value of a link.

You can use scrapebox,, Majesticseo or to find the link opportunity for your website by analyzing the web and the competitors.


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