10+ Best Business Listing Sites 2014

Best Business Listing Sites 2014Let suppose you have opened a new business, but facing a lot of problems while executing it in real time. You are looking for someone who can guide you through your difficult times and also help you to promote your business. Well, in that case you use various business listing websites.

So, here are the best business listing sites which can guide you in the right direction.


It is very well known that CruchBase operates under TechCrunch, which has a large database about startups and companies. The company has more than 500,000 data points for profiling people, companies, fundings, events and funds. The company is seen to have made claims that they have more than 50,000 active contributors. However, members of the public are subject to registration and able to make submissions to their database. However, all submissions are being reviewed by a moderator before changes are being accepted and alterations are being done to the database. The CrunchBase database is being accessed by more than two million users per month.


This San Francisco, California based Multinational Corporation is a business review site along with online urban guide and was founded by Russel Simmons and Jeremy Stoppelman in 2004. The company began with an email service which would help exchanging local business recommendations and that the company later introduced many features such as mobile apps, discounts and social networking sites. Over the years, the company has extended its services to Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Mexico, Brazil and some parts of Europe. In 2009, Google Inc. had offered to purchase the company but the managing directors failed to reach an agreement on the terms of sale. The company uses their own tools and rating system to filter out the reviews that are subject to litigation and controversy.


The company from San Ramon, California was started with the objective of helping small business network to work with local businesses and help to reach the local customers through their social media tools and free marketing tools. In 2011, the Reply Inc. The Company entered into an agreement to acquire Merchant Circle for $60 million in stock and cash and that it was completed in Q3 2011. The company has been recognized it as the “Newcomer of the year” in 2007 and was ranked as the 5th largest local directory in the US. The company then gradually expanded to Canada, UK and Australia.


The company has been a business related social networking website which was founded in December 2002 but was launched in 2003. By 2006d, the website had more than 20 million viewers. In 2013, the company has reported that it has more than 259 million users over 200 countries. The site is available in twenty different languages which includes English, German, Russian, Spanish and others. In 2013, the Quancast website reported that LinkedIn has more than 65.6 million unique US visitors alone, and has nearly 178.4 million visitors worldwide.

It is seen that both sites RealYellowPages and SMARTpagers has merged into the Yellowpages.com website in 2005. In 2008, the Yellowpages.com iPhone app YPMobile has been ranked #21 in the top 100 applications in the iTunes store. The yellowpages.com was later purchased by BellSouth and SBC for $120 million. It also develops business services and mobile apps which make use of its contact data.


The company was founded in 1997 by Alex Algard. This site has been a provider of contact details for business and persons. The company has been the largest database of contact information available on US residents which have been actively used by MSN and USPS. Their main revenues come from advertising. They also have different mobile apps for their different user base.


The Texas based company is a marketing company which provides mobile, print as well as internet advertising for medium and small sized businesses. The company filed bankruptcy in January 2010 and has merged with Dex One Corporation in 2013. Since then, SuperMedia has been operating as a subsidiary of Dex Media, Inc. Its advertising services and products include SuperTradeExchange and SuperGurantee Programs, Superpages.com, SuperPages Mobile, EveryCarListed.com FairPoint SuperYellow pages and SuperPages Direct mail products. The company also has non-branded service which includes Google Adwords Certified services (PPC), Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Website building.


The website is known to use traffics in keywords. The website is known for paid search advertising where the company is known to connect the consumers with businesses through online. The website is attracting more than thirty million visitors per month through their local.com search site. It is known that its network covers more than 1000 regional media websites and also known to distribute its advertising feeds to their 3rd party sites. The company is known for making money through direct advertising where the users would bid upon pay per click and placement that is based upon keywords. Also, the company also gains indirect advertising subscribers through paid search firms which includes SuperMedia and Yahoo! The company is known to different kinds of advertising support services that includes search engine optimizations and other related services.


This is a location based mobile social networking site was created in 2009 by Naveen Selvadurai and Dennis Crowley and are meant for smartphones. Users are able to check in using their mobile devices or text messaging at venues through the list of venues that has selected based upon locations nearby. The OpenStreetMap is being used for this project and uses the mobile device GPS hardware to get the current location. Whenever, any user check-in any events, they are awarded with some points and badges. The user which gains the most points is regarded as “Mayor” and users compete for the rank of mayorships. It can be said that Foursquare is an iteration of Crowley Dodgeball idea which was later bought by Google in 2005 and replaced it with Latitude in 2009. The company has more 20 million users and expected to have more than 800 million check-in. It has an average of 3 million check-in per day.


It has been seen that in the last decade, this website has been the prime source for resources and information for small business who are looking to grow or start from ground level. The website has been redesigned to give additional new goals to its users. The company believes that the information which is available over the internet are overly tech obsessed. Their 4 main principles are quality sources, practicality, community and action. They have been able to successfully help many entrepreneurs to have a deep reach and build up a strong network for their users. The resources are very much helpful for newbies who are looking to make big.


This professional networking site has been meant for small business owners who are looking to for the second base in the market. The website has been able to make suitable opportunities for their users to meet other small entrepreneurs through instant messaging, face-to-face chats and video profiles. With the help of these contacts, Biznik has been able to help people who are looking for suggestions, lacking sufficient business knowledge, trying to get more publicity or want a potential business partner. When a new member joins the website, they were shown a list of other users who are within 50 miles radius of their location. They also able to make face-to-face relationships through local events organized by their website.


The website is known as being the oldest business directory and also internet largest B2B Search engine which was founded in 1996. The entire directory is being reviewed by humans only that produces lightning fast result. This fast growing search engine is really unique which has revolutionized the search concept. The search engine would provide only one result for each website, but within every result would contain the company profile that has been organized with internal pages links within that website. And that company profile is called ContentMap for that site. The website contains more than 2 million unique business related websites in its index. The crawler of Jayde would first identify, then categorized and index all the important pages in a website and then create an outline for each site which would be shown in the search result. This is very much efficient is you are looking to find any product, service, about section, contacts and anything related to it. Jayde is powered by ClickRelevance which is used to provide relevant results in an effective way to its users.


In 2006, the Trulia Inc has founded the ActiveRain which is an independent real estate community. The company has more than 256,604 active members. The website has been the most active and largest social network for the real estate market. Their community members include brokers, agents, inspectors, home stagers, lenders and other real estate related people who are learning about doing their jobs better and also building a better connection. The website has the largest storehouse of real estate knowledge which has more than four million blog posts. People who visit the website are looking to build their national referral network and think-alike network. The blog has been one of the best real estate blog in the internet which has been designed to meet the specifications of real estate industry. They have included many important tools such as social sharing, lead capture system and SEO structured content which can posted on your website.



With such information about different business listing sites, I am sure that you would be able to get help from their community and user and help your business to grow. If you have any type of questions, feel free to ask me.

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