Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Mobile Phones [Infographic]

Mobile Phones: Good or Evil?

One of the most common devices that we have today is the mobile phone. From a time when it was considered a luxury to now when it is considered a necessity, cell phones as they are also called have evolved along with us. Today everyone needs a mobile phone to take care of each and every one of their needs. And with its manifold benefits also come some deep-rooted disadvantages.

Uses Of Mobile Phones : What you gain Using Mobile Phones

With 900 million people in India alone who use mobile phones, the use of the same has grown by leaps and bounds. From a time when it was used simply for calling people, mobiles have now become a handheld technical marvel. From texting, booking flights, sending pictures and constantly updating social media sites, the use of mobile phones has permeated into every aspect of life. In fact, most people can’t even wait five minutes between taking glances on their phones for the latest updates. Phones have become a storehouse of information and are the quickest and most essential means of staying connected.

Misuses Of Mobile Phones : Health Problems with Mobile Phone Use

However, all is not perfect about mobile phones either. They emit harmful radio waves which are very detrimental to the environment and have been said to cause cancer in humans as well. They also act as a tool for social disillusionment as youngsters tend to constantly be on it and ignore all responsibilities towards their households. Mobile phones have also been used in the past for the spread of various illicit activities and data security is a huge issue in many cases.

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Interesting  Phone Mobile Usage Statistics

This Graphic made for Topic “Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Mobile Phones ” Some following Statistics related it are show in this like:

  • Mobile Phone Ownership
  • Percent Who Use Their Phone While Doing Another Task
  • Where People Place their Mobile Phone While Sleeping at Night
  • Mobile Phone Technology Opinion : Good or Evil?
  • Percent who have asked someone on a date via text
  • Till end of 2013, there will be more mobiles on Earth comparing to the people.

Mobile Phone Infographic-1-Medium


Conclusion on Mobile Phones

All said and done though, too much of any good thing is also bad. Mobile phones are definitely here to stay and one cannot ignore the fact that they have indeed made life much better than what it was previously. They have added another dimension and their growth is reflective of individual growth as well.  The mobile phone is essential for one’s survival in the modern world and is absolutely all right till man is the one who can control it and it does not turn the other way round.

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